Turning Waste to Resource

Oxive enables one to transition from the conventional haul-and-bury concept of waste management to one of creating value out of waste. This is achieved through an integrated process of recovery from waste, recycling and reuse. We help convert opportunities into actual projects and offer a myriad of services and consultancies addressing environmental management, recycling and reuse of waste to resource like recycled water, waste to energy, ethanol from biofuels, Waste plastics to fuel, etc., renewable energy from waste or non-conventional sources. Oxive has sustainable environmental waste management and waste resource creation solutions for anyone and everyone.

Waste Management Solutions

Oxive offers integrated technology-based environmental solutions for Waste Management. The solutions encompass a complete spectra ranging from collection, transportation, distribution, and treatment of both solid and liquid waste. Our solutions are innovative, integrated, yet efficient and economical.



Oxive’s application of innovative technologies in an integrated fashion ensures an effective approach towards enhancing resource efficiency by integrated waste management and recovery and reuse of useful energy/material from waste and simultaneously reducing the adverse environmental impact of waste disposal and depletion of natural resources.Oxive has technology solutions for any and every waste-generating sector.