Collaborations & Associations

DIWALI Concept: Indo Dutch initiative-MOU

Memorandum of Understanding to take forward the Indo-Dutch initiative DIWALI (Dutch Indian Water Alliance for Leadership Initiative) was executed between Oxive Environmental Management Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara, India; Wazutec Watertreatment BV, Netherlands; and Fermtechsystems BV, Netherlands, with an intention to collectively develop and engineer wastewater and waste recycling systems for the Indian market and abroad. DIWALI is a collaboration between the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Indian DST.

Oxive-R2O Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd. JV

R2O Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a JV company incorporated in India by Water and Energy Inc. a New York Corporation and Oxive Environmental Management Pvt. Ltd., India. R2O will work as a technology provider using AVF technology for waste water treatment and supply of recycled water for various non-potable purposes.

Collaboration with Ernst & Young

Oxive will provide consultancy and advisory services for setting up of Integrated Hazardous Waste Management Facilities in India to Ernst & Young and its clients. Within the scope of this agreement, Oxive, in a phased manner, will execute studies and provide high-level assessment of waste generated and opportunities thereof with DPR generation as well as provide assistance in comparative assessment of various technologies for waste treatment.