ELFLOX® treatment is based on separation of the organic pollution from community wastewater with electrocoagulation (ECF reactor). Electrocoagulation is a technology which consists of pairs of metal sheets called electrodes, that are arranged in pairs of two—anodes and cathodes. When the cathode electrode makes contact with the wastewater, the metal is emitted into the apparatus. By applying an electrical field, the charged particles are attracted and move to the electrodes. Particles are concentrated there and oriented so that coagulation becomes possible. The resulting organic sludge of the ECF reactor is sedimented in a circular sedimentation vessel which then fed to anaerobic reactor which converts the organic compound into Biogas.

This technology removes suspended solids, heavy metals, biological fouling matters, oil and fat/water emulsions, hardness, colour, organics such as bacteria and viruses in water. Not only are the toxic heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, uranium wiped out, but also Gold, Silver, wolframite, vanadium are wiped out. Everything is removed, often more than 20-30 times better than that required by governmental regulations. Use of this technology results in water for domestic use, human consumption, and/or irrigation. “The Technology is ours, Results are Yours”


  • Reduced amount of electricity consumption.
  • Remove heavy metals like Mercury, Arsenium, etc.
  • Remove colors and break emulsions.
  • Maximum reduction of waste sludge.
  • Maximum reduction of BOD/COD .
  • Optimal saving in chemical consumption.
  • Saves on operational cost


  • Ground and Surface water purification.
  • Dairy and Food and Beverages Industries.
  • Paper and Printing Industry.
  • Shipping Industry.
  • Textile Industry.
  • Washing powder manufacturing units.
  • Breweries.
  • Leachate from dumpsites.
  • Other Industrial wastewater.