New Urban Sanitation

The New Urban Sanitation technology is based on separation of organic pollution from community wastewater with electrocoagulation (ECF reactor). The system aims to recover energy and water from the waste water generated. The energy produced can replace conventional energy sources and additionally make water available for non-potable uses. The system is a decentralized system and can be applied on many locations outside the cities where there is no water conveyance or treatment facility available.

The key benefits of the system are:

  • High efficiency
  • Easy operation with stops without process disturbance, best for areas with interrupted power supply.
  • The treated groundwater can be used for drinking purpose.
  • Compact facility, best for decentralized application in areas outside cities and remote areas
  • Al and Fe electrode plates
  • Low operational power consumption, as low as 5 – 20 Wh / m


  • Waste water management for community clusters, Villages and Towns.
  • Commercial complexes, Malls.
  • Towns or remote areas where there are issues like power supply.
  • Best application for wastewater is for irrigation purpose, as the wastewater contains nutrients like minerals, nitrates and phosphate, having high fertiliser value.
  • Ground water purification system where there is no water available from conventional source.