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March 2013 : Mr.Suketu Shah, MD, Oxive Environmental Management Pvt. Ltd. visited Netherlands in March 2013 to establish Indo-Dutch water projects under the DIWALI initiative (Dutch Indian Water Alliance for Leadership Initiative).

March 2013:Upcoming : Canadian Delegation to visit Oxive Environmental Management, India, March 2013.Canadian Delegation from Process Research Ortech, Canada, and Oxive, India, to present and discuss opportunities for water recycle and reuse towards sustainable development with different government dignitaries from variousgovernment and urban development departments in Delhi, with the main focus being on lower cost alternative technologies and membrane technologies for water recovery & reuse from sewage.

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April 2013 : Delegates from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Netherlands Agency to visit India in April 2013 to introduce to various government bodies and urban and rural sectors the New Urban Sanitation System under the DIWALI concept initiated by the Netherlands government and Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi. The New Urban Sanitation system is an Indo-Dutch initiative which will explore joint project opportunities in India for recovering Biogas and minerals from waste water and technology to purify sewage water with Indian engineering expertise in application, operation, contracting and Installation at a very low cost.

INDO-US FUND:Oxive selected to enter the second phase of presentations under the Empowering Citizens category of the United States – India Science & Technology Endowment Fund for promotion of joint activities that would lead to innovation and techno-preneurship through the application of science and technology.

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Feathers In The Cap At Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013

MOUs Adding Up To a Total Investment Intention Amount Of About 12000 Million INR Signed By Oxive During Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013.


Project details

Amount investment intentions in million INR Agency of Government of Gujarat Sectors

Setting up decentralized waste water treatment plants for community
clusters/ villages and providing recycled water for agriculture and irrigation purpose.


Setting up decentralized solid waste (Domestic waste) treatment for community
cluster/villages in the form of Compact gasification units and providing power.


Supply, erection and maintenance of Energy efficient LEDs for street lights in ULBs. The LED technology is from a Canadian company TESLA DIGITAL.


Rural Water Sanitation program on sewage recycling and Green house(Recycling House)

5000 GWSSB Water Resource

Water treatment through AVF technology reducing Land Area and a low-cost operating System

5000 GWSSB Water Resource

Setting up Integrated Waste Management facilities at various APMCs.
Generating Recycled water and Energy for internal use

500 Gujarat Agriculture and Marketing Board Animal Husbandry and Fishery Department