Oxive Edge

Oxive Environmental Management Pvt. Ltd. is a highly specialized waste management company offering integrated technology solutions for resource recovery/renewable energy from liquid and solid waste to multidisciplinary sectors.

We are one of India’s premier organizations offering services on EPC, BOOT, DBOOT, PPP basis and Consultancy. Oxive endeavors to provide innovative and economical integrated technology, supported by good management practices with dedication to recycling and resource recovery, thus enabling environmental well-being and sustainability.

The company has acquired expertise with technology tieups, heralding a new and innovative revolution to the waste management sector with methods that are not only reliable but efficient, cost effective and proven worldwide, leading towards NetZero energy, water, and waste. The company believes not only in providing conventional waste management and treatment solutions at its best, but has as its main objective

“Resource Recovery/Recycling from Waste.”