Recycling Greenhouse

The Recycling Greenhouse system recycles energy, minerals and CO2 from community waste water. The waste water is purified and used for greenhouse irrigation. The organic pollution is transferred into biogas, the latter is then used for electricity generation. The CO2 from the exhaust gas is used in the greenhouse. The greenhouse plants purify the water and evaporate the water. This high quality condensation water is collected and used for drinking water production. The system is designed to take the waste water with COD 500mg/l and Organic Load AF of 400 kg/day


The key benefits of the system are low cost waste water treatment, Greenhouse production crops, drinking water production, Cooling water harvesting, Condensation greenhouse atmosphere, Flow deck greenhouse roof, Energy output of 250 – 450 Wh / m2 / day.


  • community clusters, agriculture-based villages.
  • Best application of waste water for irrigation purpose as the waste water is with all nutrients like minerals, nitrates and phosphates, having high fertiliser value.
  • Ideal for Food processing and Dairy Industries relying on local crop production.
  • Farms where cultivation is done under controlled conditions.